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International Maritime Industry- UAE Achieves IMO Council Membership


The International Maritime Council (IMO) has nominated the United Arab Emirates as a member during the recent- 30th General Assembly. While the Arab nation is thriving the global markets with exponential economic growth, a membership of IMO Council is a… Read More

UAE Energy Sector – Changing Climate and Business Opportunities

UAE Energy Sector

  The global climate is adversely affected due to polluting technologies that are pumping excessive carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. We burn fossil fuels like oil and gas for acquiring necessary energy for daily needs. As a result, these fossil… Read More

UAE Embracing Modern Technologies: The Future is Here!

UAE Embracing Modern Technologies

The United Arab Emirates is considered as one of the fastest grown economies of the world and modern technology implementation is one of the key-factors that has boosted the economy of the emirates. The higher standard of living and economic… Read More

An Overview of the Retail Sector of United Arab Emirates


Retail is one of the most important pillars of UAE’s economic diversification. UAE stands tall as one of the leading retail centres in the gulf. Growing on an average of 5 percent every year, the retail market plays a significant… Read More

10 Amazing Facts About Dubai – The Business Hub of UAE

Business Hub of UAE

Dubai has emerged as a global city for trade and commerce becoming a major business centre over the last three decades with a more dynamic and diversified economy. Investors are getting attracted to Dubai because of its low logistical and… Read More

How Tourism Has Contributed to UAE’s Economic Prosperity?

UAE's economic prosperity

The United Arab Emirates focus on strategic issues for diversification of sources of income to maintain overall economic sustainability. The progress and prosperity of the region depend upon the significance of social, environmental economic and demographic realities. It is a… Read More

Doing business in Dubai – Opportunities and Challenges


Dubai is the second largest emirate of the UAE and can be considered as the economic capital of the United Arab Emirates. Dubai’s population mainly consists of emigrants from other countries. People are attracted to this successful emirate mainly because… Read More

United Arab Emirates – Gigantic influence of Maritime and Shipping sector


The UAE have the largest port in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region. Dubai acts as a trade gate between Europe and Asia due to its significant geographical location on the globe. The ever-increasing trade activities in UAE… Read More

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