The Future of Public Transport in the United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is well-known to everyone for its world-class infrastructure and transport system. The higher standard of living and economic prosperity of the nation have influenced advanced development throughout the nation. The nation has emerged as one of… Read More

5 exhilarating things of UAE that attracts businesses globally

United Arab Emirates is amongst the top-most countries with a dynamic business environment powered by a supportive government and world-class infrastructure. There’s no such ease of doing business in any other region than you can find here in UAE. The… Read More

The Seven Emirates of UAE And Their Economic Significance.

United Arab Emirates is located at the northeast region of the Arabian Peninsula consisting seven self-governed emirates. In 1971, these emirates formed a federation. Out of seven, Abu Dhabi and Dubai are the superior emirates having control over whole UAE.… Read More

Materials required by the Oil and Gas industry in UAE.

UAE holds the seventh largest crude oil reserves of the world and it’s ruling over the global energy market. The oil exports comprise of 25 percent of UAE’s gross domestic product. The oil and gas industry is rapidly developing in… Read More

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