UAE Enters the VAT League

The small, unassuming word, ‘Tax’, has the power to strike fear in the minds of all the people. This fear struck the people in the Gulf countries in the last month, when President His Highness Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al… Read More

Solar Powered UAE: For A Stronger Economy and A Greener Tomorrow

Oil reserves have powered the economy as well as electricity plants of United Arab Emirates (UAE) for several years. Now that these reserves are depleting, a major challenge has arisen in the Arab world. The UAE is planning on overcoming… Read More

SMEs: an Impetus to Dubai’s Economic Prosperity

  Comprising 95% of all business establishments in UAE, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) form the backbone of Dubai’s economy. SMEs are the primary source of innovation, employment creation and entrepreneurship and thus are an engine of economic growth and… Read More

How UAE’s Incredible Tax System Has Created a Favourable Business Atmosphere?

UAE Tax System

How UAE’s incredible tax system has created a favorable business atmosphere? The United Arab Emirates is a conglomeration of seven emirates which are self-governing entities, united by one federation. Each of the emirates has their own local governing bodies that… Read More

The Significance of UK and UAE Trade Relations: Flooding Opportunities

UAE UK Trade Relation

UAE shares a strong bilateral trade relationship with UK since a long period. Apart from import-export trade, there are more than 5000 UK companies which are currently operating in UAE. The geographical location of UAE on the globe makes it… Read More

After Oil Exports, what’s Next in UAE’s Economy?

UAE’s Economy

Being the seventh largest crude oil reserves, UAE rules over the global energy market. 25 percent of UAE’s gross domestic product is comprised by oil exports. UAE’s economy is tremendously reliant on oil exports but we really need to know… Read More

How E-commerce Has Boosted The Economy of United Arab Emirates?

E- Commerce in UAE

United Arab Emirates has witnessed tremendous evolution in online shopping over the last few years. The tech-savvy and internet-active young population of UAE are getting indulged in online activities at a faster pace becoming one of the highest in the… Read More

International Maritime Industry- UAE Achieves IMO Council Membership


The International Maritime Council (IMO) has nominated the United Arab Emirates as a member during the recent- 30th General Assembly. While the Arab nation is thriving the global markets with exponential economic growth, a membership of IMO Council is a… Read More

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