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UAE Embracing Modern Technologies: The Future is Here!

UAE Embracing Modern Technologies

The United Arab Emirates is considered as one of the fastest grown economies of the world and modern technology implementation is one of the key-factors that has boosted the economy of the emirates. The higher standard of living and economic… Read More

Top 10 Most Trending Sports In The UAE


The United Arab Emirates is one of the fastest growing economies of the world. The nation has remarkably conquered success in overall economic sectors moving from its reliance on oil and gas revenues. From clean energy production to world-class infrastructure,… Read More

Top 12 highly in-demand Industries of United Arab Emirates


The United Arab Emirates is amongst the biggest economies of the world. Cities like Dubai have become global business hub. The country is in a constant demand for investors and skilled professionals due to emerging opportunities in industrial sectors. Dubai… Read More

United Arab Emirates – Gigantic influence of Maritime and Shipping sector


The UAE have the largest port in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region. Dubai acts as a trade gate between Europe and Asia due to its significant geographical location on the globe. The ever-increasing trade activities in UAE… Read More

United Arab Emirates – The Global Destination for Corporate Migration


According to a new study, UAE has emerged as a global leader in attracting migrating professionals. India is the leading source of professionals in UAE comprising 28% after the other countries, UK, US, Pakistan and Qatar. Apart from labor, the… Read More

Top 10 Tips for Starting a Business in the UAE


The United Arab Emirates have broadly attracted the global markets due to dynamic growth in its economy. It is continuing to strengthen the business climate, welcome more investments and encourage the evolution of a more diverse and vibrant economy. The… Read More

UAE Vision 2021 – Significant objectives of the Emirates


The United Arab Emirates is one of the leading nations of the world in terms of economic prosperity. The country comprises of one of the most luxurious and advanced cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, which have emerged as global… Read More

The Future of Public Transport in the United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is well-known to everyone for its world-class infrastructure and transport system. The higher standard of living and economic prosperity of the nation have influenced advanced development throughout the nation. The nation has emerged as one of… Read More

The Seven Emirates of UAE And Their Economic Significance.

United Arab Emirates is located at the northeast region of the Arabian Peninsula consisting seven self-governed emirates. In 1971, these emirates formed a federation. Out of seven, Abu Dhabi and Dubai are the superior emirates having control over whole UAE.… Read More