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Task Safety & Security Limited Liability Company

TASKDOOR is the Leading Manufacturer in the UAE . For Specialized & Engineered Doors & Frames in Wood & Steel for GCC (Saudi Arabia - Kuwait - Qatar - Oman - Bahrain) & Middle East. TASKDOOR is a leader in Wood Doors and Steel Doors opening solutions and a market leader. At TASKDOOR we specialize in providing security at the door and beyond for the commercial, institutional and consumer markets. Our doors keep societies safe and secure where they are living, working and visiting. At the core of our business is knowledge and experience behind our brand. Our operational excellence and security standards are raised by combining tried and tested techniques with the latest technologies. Our aim is to continue to be the industry.s most innovative wood and steel door manufacturer in UAE. TASKDOOR. has been the manufacturer for the .TASK. brand in GCC & Middle East for almost 3 decades. We have been successful with manufacturing and for the project business. Today we have an extremely comprehensive range of products and services which allows us to offer complete door solutions. We manufacturer, sell and market a full range of door solutions, standard . fire rated and non-fire rated and specialty, acoustic doors, blast doors, bullet doors in wood and steel and this, makes us pretty unique.. TASK Doors & Frames are used every day in countries around the GCC, Middle East and Asia. They are found in hospitals, hotels, malls, government buildings, educational institutes(schools, universities), oil/gas, defense, factory & industrial, plants & power (electricity & water), banks, airports & public transport, theaters, etisalat and businesses operating across many industries. Civil Defense certification is available for Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain.

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