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Al Itqan Factory LLC

Al Itqan Factory LLC Is Manufacturer, Supplier, Distributor & Exporter Of Hospital Furniture Such As Anesthesia Trolley With Drawers, Bassinet Trolleys, Blood Donor Chairs, BPM & Leg Dressing Stand Adjustable Height, Crash / Emergency Medical Cart, Dressing / Instrument Trolleys, Dressing / Instrument Trolleys With Drawer, Dressing / Instrument Trolleys With Side Rails, Examination / Electric Couches, Examination Lights, Folding Ward Screen, Foot Stool Steps, Gynecology & Delivery Examination Couch, Infant Cot & Child Cot, Infusion Stand Adjustable Height, Instrument / Double Medical Cart, Instrument / Operating Table, Instrument / Operating Table With Wheels, Instrument Cabinet, Instrument Trolley With Drawers, Instrument Trolley, 2 Flat Shelves, Instrument Trolley, 2 Flat Shelves With Side Rails, Instrument Trolley, 2 Shelves With Raised Edges, Kick Bucket / X-ray View Boxes, Led X-ray View Boxes, Massage Couch With Nose Cut, Mayo Instrument Trolleys, Mobile Racks, Urinals & Bedpan Holder, Multi Purpose Trolley, Operating Table Hydraulic, Over Bed Table, Oxygen Cylinder Trolley, Patient Chart Holder Trolley, Patient Chart Holders & Bedside Lockers, Patient Transport & Transfer System, Patient Trolleys, Pedal Bins With Lid, Revolving Stool Adjustable Height, Revolving Stool Adjustable Height With Backrest, Soiled Linen & Linen Changing Trolleys, Stainless Steel Pedal Bins, Stretcher Transport Trolley With Tilt, Tissue Dispenser & Gloves Box Holder, Scrub Sink, Transportation Cart, Utility Trolley, Wall Cabinet Shutter Door & Wash Basin Trolleys.

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