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Euro Mechanical & Electrical Contracting Company LLC

Euro Mechanical and Electrical Contracting Company LLC was founded by the late Mr. John Manna on behalf of the heirs of the late Mr. Mohd. Al Hurr in July 1976. Originally the Company included two British partners but since 1983 the company has been one hundred percent owned by the Al Hurr family. The company employs a multinational management team under a British CEO. The aim of the company is to provide experienced maintenance, construction, control & automation solutions to Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, and Power Generation Industries. Our clients are primarily oil & gas producers and international EPC contractors. Euro Mechanical is a highly professional organisation with a large international client base. The Company is ISO 9001: 2015 certified and holder of ASME .U. & .R. stamps. Euro Mechanical distributes all bank interest received to charity. Our charities are: Red Crescent . UAE, Operation Smile . UAE, Water Aid . UK, ABS CBN Foundation . Philippines & Sarvathrika Sahodarya Samithi . India. The company operates through six divisions, namely Construction & Maintenance, Fabrication, Bolting Systems, Instrumentation Services (Intertek), Manpower and Agencies Euro Mechanical & Electrical Contracting Company LLC Provides Manpower Services, Fabrication Services, Construction & Maintenance Services, Bolting & Machining Related Services, Instrument Services Such As Calibration Services.

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