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Ajyal Talent Management

Ajyal Talent Management (Ajyal) is building the UAE.s future human capital capacity by working with parents, companies, teachers and individuals to help young, high achieving students realise their full potential. Our programs deliver well rounded individuals with the required academic, social and workplace skills to succeed in today.s competitive environment so that they can build successful careers and make a real contribution to society. The experienced Ajyal team runs tailored and inspirational programs that enhance a student.s educational journey academically, personally and professionally, working with UAE companies for long term career opportunities. Holistic high school programs prepare students for Bachelor.s degrees at Ivy League schools and the highest ranked universities worldwide, focusing on science, math, IT and languages. Ajyal also manages scholarships on behalf of federal and private entities in the UAE, as well as private individual clients, with a highly engaged model that provides training, tutoring and coaching for each student. The company also facilitates the education-to-employment transition by providing work readiness programs and job placement services, during and following university, while keeping future job market requirements, both locally and globally, in mind. Through Ajyal, more than 130 students currently attend universities across the UAE, Europe and America, including Harvard, with some students progressing through all four stages of the program over a full decade.

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