Lootah Lemmens LLC

Block 4, Sector 8, New Industrial Area
P. O. Box No. 7648
Umm Al-Quwain
United Arab Emirates


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Company information Lootah Lemmens LLC


Lootah Lemmens LLC Is Manufacturer & Supplier Of Cranes Such As Mounted Jib Crane, Overhead Crane, Underslugn Crane, Wall Running Jib Crane, Gantry Crane & Semi Gantry Crane. Also Provides Installation, Maintenance & Certification Services.
Joint Venture Companies: Lemmenscranesystems

Group: Lootah Group
Group Of Companies: Lootah Industries

Lootah Fabrication

Lootah Metal Company

Lootah Fiber Glass

Lootah Cementation

Lootah Building Construction

Lootah Carpentry

Lootah Bitumen & Road Works

Lootah Marbles

Lootah Metal Profiles

Lootah Real Estate


National Ready Mix Company

National Steel

National Aluminum

Alpha Emirates Food Products

Dubai Sand Purification

Emirates Foam

General Information

Year established 1969
Type of company Head Office
Website http://www.lootahlemmens.com

Key figures Lootah Lemmens LLC


Executives Lootah Lemmens LLC

Executive information

Mr. John Lemmens

Managing Director

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