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"Brinicle", Graphene Coated tube & pipe

By: BS Metal Co., Ltd.

"Brinicle", Graphene Coated tube & pipe
"Brinicle", Graphene Coated tube & pipe

Start date:  March 21, 2022 8:39 AM

Here we introduce our New Product, "Brinicle" !

"Brinicle", graphene coated products, has upgraded heat transfer efficiency by 10~30% compared to non-coated tubes, and it can be applied to all kinds of tubes and fin tubes materials we produce & supply.

Strength 1 : <More Effective Heat Rejection> 
-10~30% better than non-coated products
-Enables lighter and smaller equipments (needs 10~30% less tubes to perform the same performance)

Strength 2 : <Remarkable Chemical Resistance>
-Protects products from chemicals
-It can replace enamel coatings, having both great heat rejection effect & more simple manufacturing processes

Strength 3 : <Inexpensive Price> 
-Only a 5% increase in price over existing products
-Maximum 30% of performance increase, only 5% of price increase