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Cosmetics, Natural living products, deodorant, aroma products, hampus, treatment, body wash, body lotion, body care

# Company Introduction

Peniel World Co., Ltd. is a company that manufactures various products by extracting physiologically active ingredients from wasabi, which is highly antioxidant and antimicrobial. We produce natural oils by extracting functional ingredients from plants, and develop and sell airtight containers and cosmetics containers with patented technology for producing antibacterial containers.
Peniel World believes that research and technology are the source of corporate development. Peniel World is a research and technology productthat is related to hot pepper paste based on the fact that red pepperpaste, one of the native plants in Korea, has strong insect pests forharmful bacteria, fungi and harmful insects.
Peniel World believes that a company can grow only by research and technology accumulation. To that end, we are currently establishing an industrial cooperation system with the Korea Institute for Food, Microbiology and Researchat Gangneung National University, and are planning to invest in additional research and technology.
Peniel World values data and information. Peniel World will collect and analyze all the data related to its business area, especially chili peppers. We will try to systematically categorize, process and accumulate all the data and share it witheveryone who needs it.
This accumulation of data and information could reduce unnecessary resource waste and create a foundation for company development.

#Main product:
* Wasabia Oriental Medicine Natural Shampoo / Treatment

It is a natural product of 14 kinds of natural herbal ingredients such as ginseng, black bean, red ginseng, corvina, jangpo, saeng shiitake, aloe, green tea, rosemary, peppermint A method extractor helps strengthen and protect hair muscle by providing nourishment at the same time as cleaning waste materials without irritating hair or scalp. It also helps to reduce the itch caused by dry skin with patented oil and keep scalp freshand refreshing with peppermint. You can feel refreshed after using the aroma scent rather than the oriental medicine scent. This product passed the FDA quality safety test.
It is effective for dandruff, dry skin, oily scalp, and is recommended for those who have weak hair and no gloss due to frequent perm and dyeing.

General Information

Year established 2002
Co.Registration No 226-81-29312
Type of company Head Office
Fax +82 31 903 6879

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Area : Asia-Pacific
Country : Japan


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    FDA(13), ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, Inno-biz, Main-biz

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Geum-Sooch Bae

CEO - Chief Executive Officer

Ji-Min Kim

After-Sales Director/Manager

Kwonsik Kim

Export Director/Manager

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Feb 8 2019

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