Unique Precision Moulding Dies LLC

Industrial Area 13
P. O. BOx No. 65669
United Arab Emirates


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Company information Unique Precision Moulding Dies LLC


Unique Precision Moulding Dies LLC Is Manufacturer & Supplier Of Springs Such As Compression Springs, Spiral Springs, Extension Springs, Torsion Springs, Flat Springs & Caliper Springs, Central Raised Spring, Drum Spring, Pagoda Spring, Recantation Spring, Unique Distance Spring, Square Snail Roller Spiral Power Spring, Window Cracker Spring, Huge Steel Spring, Plate Spring, Diaphragm Spring, Wavy Spring, Round Spring, Mold Spring, Square Spring & Flat Spring.

General Information

Year established
Type of company Head Office
Fax +971 6 5584032
Website http://www.uniquespring.com

Key figures Unique Precision Moulding Dies LLC


Executives Unique Precision Moulding Dies LLC

Executive information

Mr. Sharafu


Activities Unique Precision Moulding Dies LLC

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