AutoMTS (Bella) microneedling pen of Woorhi Mechatronics Co., Ltd.


Description of the Product

Bella is automatic device for MTS and permanent makeup device mainly used for aesthetic and salon treatments. 
It makes a lot of holes in a short time and penetrates some serums, medicine or cosmetics into the skin layer. Also the needles stimulate the skin and elastine, collagen will be generated so that the skin cell will be regenerated and users can get the re-youth and recovery their skin condition. 
Needle length is adjustable from 0.1mm to 2.0mm and ir's RPM range is 5000~6500. 

Price of the Product

From 300.00 USD

Technical Details

  • Pen stand : to keep the pen with straight way to product the back flow
  • Disposable Tips(Do not reuse) : Sterilized with EO gas and should be checked the status before use
  • Multiple screw of setting : to keep the powerful needling
  • Adjustable needle length : 2.0mm with 0.1mm steps
  • Button type :for on/off to easy control