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Kompass is a world-leading B2B information provider. With a presence in over 60 countries across the globe, Kompass is an internationally-recognized company that’s dedicated to helping you master your market, sell your products or services, and market your brand.

Since Kompass has been around for 70 years, you know we’ve...

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1000 clicks guarantee Online Visibility and Brand Awareness. Increase the awareness of your brand and products and boost your business with search engine marketing SEM. Use an additional SEA touchpoint in your online marketing mix. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) consisting of search engine optimization (SEO) and Search Advertisement (SEA) guarantees the best rankings on search engines. Get 1000 guaranteed clicks in 12 months and make B2B Managers aware of your product portfolio when they search in the Internet for suppliers and products. Every day, more than 200.000 Managing Directors, Head of Sales and Marketing Managers use KOMPASS as a reliable source of information before making a purchasing decision. Guaranteed CTRs to a sensational competitive price. Use the potential of 1.000 visitors on your website or your company profile. Make Managers interested in your product portfolio and win new customers. An investment to increase your conversion rate that pays off - guaranteed!

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Keyword Advertisement (keyword advertising) in up to 12 countries, China, USA, France, Great Britain, Norway, Czech Republic, Belgium, South Korea, India, Sweden, Lebanon made to reach B2B audiences directly into their native language. Keyword translations in 10 languages ​​are available in the following languages: Arabic, Danish, English, French, Italian, Lithuanian, Romanian, Russian and Spanish. Keyword Targeting displays your website in search result lists when users enter your keywords.


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