Kompass Public Tenders

Service description

Kompass Public Tenders is our new global tenders service helping companies identify new business opportunities through access to public and private sector bids, helping to create connections between professionals in the same sectors.
Kompass Public Tenders is based on the largest worldwide bidding platform which uses an efficient and user-friendly interface to find public procurements.

Over 50,000 bids every day
145 languges detected
Access to tenders in more than 190 countries


Technical Details

Benefit from a powerful & adaptable search engine. Manage your dashboard and your alerting system to get real time information.
Create search profiles using the multiple search criteria available to focus on your target activities and locations.
Communicate easily with other companies to get information as well as collaborate on specific tenders.
Keyword searching will identify tenders relating to your target activity, as well as activating match notifications.



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