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Laboratory tests
  • Laboratory tests
At present, the company PZK BRNO has at the disposal four laboratories in total that focus on the following sphere:
  • tests of magnetic quantities
  • corrosion tests
  • strength tests
  • tests of temperature sensors
In 2014, the company gained accreditation according to the ISO 17025 standard for measur...

Description of the Service

At present, the company PZK BRNO has at the disposal four laboratories in total that focus on the following sphere:
  • tests of magnetic quantities
  • corrosion tests
  • strength tests
  • tests of temperature sensors
In 2014, the company gained accreditation according to the ISO 17025 standard for measurement of magnetic properties of permanent magnets using a hysteresisgraph and measurement of magnetic dipole moment.

We perform the following tests:
  • accredited measurement of demagnetization curve (EN 60404-5)
  • accredited measurement of magnetic moment (EN 60404-14)
  • measurement of surface induction
  • test of full magnetization (saturation)
  • measurement of deviation in magnetization direction (Angle error)
  • corrosion resistance tests HAST
  • salt spray tests (ISO 9227)
  • strength tests for shear, tension and bend in the temperature range from -70°C to +300°C
  • bonded joint tests (ISO 13445 and EN 1465)
  • measurement of temperature sensor RT characteristic

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On Site Support

Neu-Servo can provide expert technical onsite support. Neu-Servo’s engineers will diagnose faults on site, provide parameter backups, clean and service machine tools, extract motors and drives for testing on a huge variety of different machine tools. Our engineers can respond to your breakdown needs and are always on hand to provide any technical advice. Our services cover: • Repair of machine tool types • Machine tool spares • Machine tool alignment • Maintenance support • Renishaw Ball test • Laser calibration • Plant condition report • Removal of failed servo’s, spindles and electronics and reinstall following workshop repair Our engineers are time-served professionals, trained to service and install all makes of machine tools. They are based around the UK ensuring prompt response. Neu-Servo can also refer you to our OEM partners Siemens and Bosch Rexroth if you require extra technical support on these types of control systems. Site Service Contracts Neu-Servo offers a full and comprehensive site service package. Neu-Servo can cater for everything in relation to maintaining and repairing your CNC equipment. Our rates are significantly more competitive than OEM service packages and will include maintenance of both the CNC machine and also the mechanical and electrical parts. Services provided are: – Servo motor repairs – High Speed spindles repairs – Electronics repairs – Motors, pumps and gearboxes repairs – Machine tool alignment – Plant condition reports – Laser calibration – Vibration analysis and Thermography reports – Ball Screw repair. – Cabinet maintenance – Air conditioning maintenance and repair All repairs carry a 12-month warranty and are repaired to manufacturer standard. Packages are flexible to suit your budget and requirements.

Ferro-Mon Sensor_ Monitoring sensor of ferrous particles

Ferro-Mon Sensor monitors in real time saturation (%) of ferrous wear particles in the lube oil. Since it is very important to find and take action against abnormal wear of the reduction gearbox, bearing and other rotating machinery, user can monitor in real time wear condition to prevent fatal failures and to extend the life of the facility by installing this sensor. Ferro-Mon Sensor can be applied to all facilities, and user can get best effects especially when applying to reduction gearbox, engine, transmission, pumps, bearing, etc., which are weak to wear. Ferro-Mon Sensor causes change in magnetic flux, related regulation – “ASTM D8120 Standard Test Method for Ferrous Debris Quantification”, when magnetic particles (eg, Fe, Ni, etc.) are collected in the sensor probe, and change in magnetic flux increases in proportion to the amount of magnetic material captured by the sensor probe. This sensor outputs in real time the amount of magnetic material as “Fe saturation%” and detects and evaluates the abnormal wear condition of the rotating machine. [ Technical Detail ] ▪ Strong capture ability of ferrous particles ▪ Real-time monitoring of ferrous particles amount (Fe saturation %): 0 ~ 100% ▪ User can select standard 1-channel sensor or 2-channel sensor that measures both fine particles and large particles - 1 channel : Fe saturation % value is displayed as 0 ~ 100% in proportion to the amount of ferrous particles collected on the sensor probe - 2 channels : Fe saturation% values are displayed as 0 ~ 100% for “large particles” and “fine particles” respectively. “Large particle” indicates abnormal wear condition, and “fine particle” indicates wear condition including normal wear particles. ▪ Easy setting Fe saturation % value and visual alarm function ▪ Communication with PC or PLC is possible ▪ Wireless communication is possible by adopting LoRa communication (optional)

VARTECTOR_MPC Varnish Potential Tester

It is World's 1st MPC (Membrane Patch Colorimetry) Tester that confirms to ASTM D7843 (Standard Test Method for Measurement of Lubricant Generated Insoluble Color Bodies in In-Service Turbine Oils using Membrane Patch Colorimetry) Vartector diagnoses risk of varnish generation by using CIE delta E value, an optical color numerical representation specified in ASTM D7843. The potential risk of varnish in turbine oil is warning that problems such as vibration and temperature rise of turbine bearings, filter clogging, poor temperature control, and turbine oil degradation may occur. Vartector diagnoses the potential risk of varnish and soot in the control oils of the EHC system (phosphate ester-based flame-retardant hydraulic oil) through the optical color numerical representation of CIE delta L value and a,b value. It diagnoses whether composition of the degraded by- product is a soot or a varnish, or both soot and varnish. [ Technical Detail ] ▪ Fully Automated : Unlike existing handheld type MPC testers, after preparing patch, all processes such as sample loading, validation and testing are done automatically within 10 seconds. ▪ Display : Patch image, MPC delta E, delta L, a,b values. Trend for specific equipment can be monitored. ▪ Conforming to ASTM D7843 : The world's first laboratory MPC tester that meets ASTM D7843 regulations ▪ Automatic Diagnostic Reporting : Automatic diagnosis of measured results as Normal a, Normal b, Caution and Warning ▪ Automatic Validation : Unlike existing handheld MPC testers, automatic validation function is built in as standard. It automatically performs device validation after power on. ▪ Automatic Self Diagnostic: : After power on, main components such as spectrophotometer and board performs self-diagnosis automatically.

TOMs-F_Total Purifier (varnish, Acid, Particle, Water)

Most of purifiers and filtering machines currently in the market can somewhat remove contaminants by mechanical and physical methods, but organic acids, sludge/varnish,… etc which were generated in the chemical degradation process cannot be removed directly. They can only be removed by composite resin filter using the latest ion exchange technology (chemical filter). TOMs-F adopted ion exchange type composite resin filter and can remove degraded by-products as well as contaminants. It was awarded “ Excellent Purchasing Product Certificate” by Korean Government in July 2020. [ Technical Detail ] ▪ Particle Removal - Effective removal by absolute high-performance filter with a beta ratio of 1,000 - Removal of even fine particles such as carbon by electrostatic method (for PE and KDHC models only) ▪ Water Removal - Remove 100% free water and certain amount of dissolved water - In particular, excellent water removal of phosphate ester (EHC) based control oil, which is difficult to remove water. ▪ Removal of degraded by-products such as varnish & sludge - Rapid and effective removal of varnish & sludge, which is produced by degradation and reaction of oil and has a fatal effect on control system and lubrication system - Remove even soluble degraded by-products ▪ Removal of Acid - Remove acidic substances, which were generated by oil degradation and hydrolysis of control oil and corrodes metal materials * Features - Removal of Varnish(MPC) and Acid (Removal of soluble and ionic degraded by-products) - Particles (Beta raio 1,000) - Oil condition monitoring (Contamination/Water/Color) - No depletion of addition and no degradation * Application - Gas Turbine (TOMs-F-T) - Steam Trubine EHC (TOMs-F-PE) - Compressor - Hydraulic Equipment