Milled parts from aluminum for the aerospace industry of ZNOJEMSKÉ STROJÍRNY, s.r.o.


Description of Product

ZNOJEMSKÉ STROJÍRNY - a leading supplier of components and components for the aerospace industry.

With regard to modern machinery, quality of production and reasonable price it ranks among the leading Czech suppliers of CNC precision milled aluminum parts, not only for the aircraft industry.

The aluminum milling CNC parts for the aerospace industry are manufactured at high-end milling centers that excel in a very fast application of programming directly on the machine, thus eliminating the lengthy and demanding preparation of programs. This leads to significant production efficiency of CNC milled parts and also interesting production prices of parts and components.

We provide CNC precision milled aluminum parts for the aerospace industry in both piece and series production. In the area of ​​CNC milled parts the company offers the following possibilities:
- CNC milled steel parts
- CNC milling of tool steel and stainless steel parts
- 4 and 5 axis milling
- conventional conventional metal milling
- production of milled parts and components with accuracy of 0.01 mm
- precision thread milling
- 3D machining of parts

Precision milled parts made of aluminum, tool and stainless steel are produced primarily for the aerospace and engineering industries.

More information about CNC precision milling parts made of aluminum, tool and stainless steel can be found on our website

Price of Product

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