Oz Wind Diamond l Health Care Home Appliance of Hyundai International Inc.


Price of Product

Price not indicated

Characteristics of the Product

  • Type Both natural wind & warm air
  • Model BD-PH6130
  • Power 1,200W (natural air : 340W)
  • Size 434 x 499 x 180mm
  • Weight 8.5kg
  • Color Dark Gray, White
  • Brand Oz Wind

Technical Details

1) Both natural & warm wind
2) Auto-weight detection
3) Anti-bacterial foothold
4) Adjustable wind speed
5) Hydrostat

Description of Product

1) Model No.: BD-PH6130
2) Footing color : Dark Gray, White (2 Color)
3) Rating : 220V~, 50/60Hz
4) Size : 434 x 499 x 180mm
5) Power consumption : 1,200W (natural air : 340W)
6) Weight : 8.5kg

* This product is a new concept product which dries the whole body by warm air or cool air, which includes numerous anions. The air coming from a high-speed fan located at the bottom dries user’s body from sole to upper body. Oz Wind dries off all excess water after using a towel so that provides an extreme feeling of refreshment and serenity.

* This product has two versions. One version has both warm air and cool air functions while the other version has only cool air function.

│ The efficacy of Body Refresher │
1) Prevention of various contagious skin diseases
2) Complete drying by powerful jet air
3) Generate large quantity of anions
4) Save washing cost
5) Environment-friendly effect