Oz Wind Sapphire l New Home Convenience Apparatus of Hyundai International Inc.


Price of Product

Price not indicated

Characteristics of the Product

  • Type Only natural air
  • Model BD-VN3130
  • Power 430W
  • Size 434 x 499 x 180mm
  • Weight 6.7kg
  • Color Blue (1 Color)
  • Brand Oz Wind

Technical Details

1) For natural wind only
2) Auto-weight detection
3) Anti-bacterial foothold

Description of Product

1) Model No.: BD-VN3130
2) Footing color : Blue (1 Color)
3) Rating : 220V~, 50/60Hz
4) Size : 434 x 499 x 180mm
5) Power consumption : 430W
6) Weight : 6.7kg

* This product is a new concept product which dries the whole body by warm air or cool air, which includes numerous anions. The air coming from a high-speed fan located at the bottom dries user’s body from sole to upper body. Oz Wind dries off all excess water after using a towel so that provides an extreme feeling of refreshment and serenity.  
* This product has two versions. One version has both warm air and cool air functions while the other version has only cool air function.  

The efficacy of Body Refresher 
1) Prevention of various contagious skin diseases  
2) Complete drying by powerful jet air  
3) Generate large quantity of anions  
4) Save washing cost  
5) Environment-friendly effect

1) For natural air only
2) Weight detection
3) Antimicrobial footing