WPC-PORTABLE AIR CONDITIONER l High Capacity Air Conditioner Point Cooler of Weltem Co., Ltd.


Description of Product

Weltem Portable air conditioner features SPOT COOLING for large areas where cooling of entire area is not pratical like factory, open area, etc. It is much more economical to procide cool air to people or material directly than to do entire cooling. It also provides ROOM COOLING function for closed area to control the temprature or the area.

Price of Product

Price not indicated

Technical Details

50 / 60 Hz supported
10,000 BTU
13,200 BTU
16,800 BTU
21,000 BTU
29,000 BTU
37,000 BTU
60,000 BTU
71,000 BTU
92,000 BTU
71,000 BTU
92,000 BTU
144,400 BTU