Agriculture and Food Industry in UAE

The population of UAE has increased in recent years as large number of emigrants are settling for economic policies that the nation provides. UAE produces dates on a large scale as most of the cultivable land is comprised by date palms. The government provides incentives, subsidies, loans and technical assistance required in its cultivation. UAE’s agriculture also produces vegetable crops like tomatoes, cabbage, squash and cauliflower. In addition to dates, UAE’s domestic production also includes fruit crops like citrus and mangoes. Apart from that, UAE domestically deals in poultry farms providing poultry meat and the local dairies that fulfil the dairy product requirements. UAE is also leading in fishing and is a large-scale seafood producer. The government offers 50% subsidy on boats and equipment along with providing marine workshops for free repair and maintenance. Being one of the richest countries in oil and gas trade, UAE is experiencing low growth rates in the agriculture and food industry. Increased population growth is pressurising the government to search for other alternatives to avail food for new comers as the domestic food production is inadequate. UAE imports food from international markets. It also deals with some countries to get farmland on rent in order to produce agricultural goods. The government is taking measures to assure self-sufficiency in food production. The domestic production of UAE is an essential portion of nutritional food supply which involves its proper storage and handling, timely transport and marketing. UAE implies innovative techniques in aquaculture as the government has taken Japanese assistance in boosting the production of prawns. The government is also focusing on Hydroponics and organic farming using advance technology and innovations.
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