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Businesses focused on the services sector are expected to fare better compared to other sectors in the UAE’s trade growth.

UAE’s service sector holds a very significant dominance over the country’s economy.
Latest data shows that the country’s services sector will drive the rate of the country’s trade growth between now and 2030.

The oil sector is the top-ranking contributor to the country’s GDP. The services sector ranks second. Some of the major business services provided in the service sector in UAE mainly include marketing services, professional services, renting and leasing services, financial services, insurance services, and, as well as technical services.

This industry relies on professional knowledge and expertise related to a specific technical or operational area. The business services sector of UAE is dominated by SMEs with skilled employees. It is indirectly related to all the industrial sectors. Therefore, the service sector plays a significant role in UAE’s economy.

Service sector is knowledge-intensive, and its prosperity depends upon the workforce. The government is focusing on training programmes to develop the workforce by investing in this sector. It has taken various measures to regulate the sector. Total foreign ownership of some sub-sectors is allowed.

Business services will be a significant contributor for future economic growth as it is one of the burgeoning sector at a global level. Being the global business hub, Dubai is the leading emirate in business services sector.

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