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Approximately, 24 percent of the total government expenditure of UAE is into education. It has become a key sector in UAE’s economy. UAE is witnessing increase in the demand for private schools to inculcate education as per the international standards. Also, a wide range of foreign educational institutions are coming forward to invest in UAE focusing on providing quality education based on globally accepted courses and programs to the local students. UAE is also witnessing increase in the demand for higher education institutions as the UAE school students might not want to go to other countries like US or the European countries for the same. Due to its promising development prospects, education sector in UAE is not only attracting educational institutions but also the investors who are looking to finance the educational campaign of UAE. Therefore, the country is expecting immense demand for higher education institutions and private schools as well. The already existing range of private schools comprise 60 percent of the total number of country’s schools and is increasing day by day. As the UAE’s population also includes non-UAE citizens, education based on international curriculum is on demand. The number of non-UAE citizens are expected to grow in the future and it ensures the success of private schools competently. The country’s education sector also welcomes institutions which aim to bring new innovations in teaching methods. Educational courses and programs in the field of engineering, technical specifications and other special subjects are in rising demand. The future development of science and technology, research and analysis, innovations, etc. is dependent upon education in UAE. E-learning and online education are also burgeoning the level of education in UAE. While the government is highly concerned to develop their nation’s education sector, lots of business opportunities are coming up for educational institutions and other such organisations.
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