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The development of technology has influenced the reliance on electrical equipment and appliances for various purposes. UAE is witnessing burgeoning growth in its economy as well as the population. The domestic need for electric appliances and electronic goods have boosted the manufacturing as well as the retail sector.
People’s dependency on electronic appliances is growing. The introduction of new technology in electrical components has added value to the sector of electronics. Nano-technology is being researched and developed in UAE to reduce the size of electrical goods making them more handy and easy to use. Big brands dealing in this sector have barged in into UAE with huge promotions of their products and consumer appliances. The retail sector of UAE has experienced large-scale sales of electronic goods in recent times. The consumer electronics landscape has undergone a sea of changes over the last two to three decades. Game-changing devices are transforming people’s lives.
During the last two decades, scientists have been trying to converge three different technologies — mobile telephony, computing and television — to offer them in the same gadget. Going forward, consumers will be looking forward to having all of those plus the usual — camera, video, audio recording, radio, music — iPods or MP3s or MP4s — all in a single gadget. The increased demand for optical goods has boosted the market for photographic and cinematographic appliances. Demand for advanced binoculars, telescopes, microscopes, optical medical equipment, etc. have skyrocketed. There is a varied range of optical appliances that is used for scientific and medical tasks. Hi-tech equipment for military operations include spy cameras and binoculars which are customised.
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