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United Arab Emirates has become a fashionable tourist destination with higher standards of hospitality services. The heart of UAE, Dubai has established itself extremely well in travel and tourism industry at a global level. UAE’s tourism market is experiencing huge expansion due to massive amount of labour, endeavour and venture in the sector. UAE is a global hub when it comes to leisure and relaxation services. Desert safari and cruise dining have been a significant part of travel and tourism business in UAE. It is reported that desert adventures in UAE are promoted globally in order to attract tourists all around the world. The rivalry and competition in travel and tourism sector is increasing between the countries. UAE has managed to face the competitive edge and its attractive tour deals are creating buzz in the global tourism market. Higher standards of hospitality services and excellent luxury are the salient features of UAE’s tourism. UAE’s love for luxury is well known by the world and its continuous efforts to grow and develop the five-star hospitality services has offered the tourists with more budget options. The government is encouraging organisations to build more hotels as it can help reducing the hotel rates and make Emirates more accessible to a wide range of tourists. Measures are taken to service middle-class tourists with more competitive rates to also attract passengers who are looking for having a shorter stay in the country. UAE is also witnessing a rise in demand for home-sharing services. The diversification of UAE’s travel and tourism market follows global trends. Lots of business opportunities are prevailing in the United Arab Emirates opening floodgates for businessmen looking to deal in leisure and tourism.
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