Mining, minerals and fuel resources of United Arab Emirates

Petroleum and natural gas comprise of the major natural resources of the UAE. It transformed from a desert country to an advanced nation through the discovery of plenty of oil reserves. In the last 30 years, UAE’s economy is driven by oil and gas industry on a large scale. With an open economic policy, UAE’s economy is mainly dependent on exports consisting of fuel and mining products. Being the eighth largest producer of crude oil in the world, UAE is ruling over the global oil industry. It’s the seventh largest producer of natural gas accounting around 1.6 percent of the world’s total natural gas supply. Coming to other natural resources, UAE produces a wide range of minerals. It’s amongst the top suppliers of high-purity aluminium, aluminium foundry and extrusion billet doing business with more than 45 countries. 3.4 percent of the world’s aluminium production is done in UAE. The oil-rich nation also produces refined petroleum products, cement, lime, gypsum, sulphur and steel as well. Talking about metals, the Dubai city of UAE is one of the top most gold suppliers in the world. Including metals like gold and aluminium, UAE is working upon its steel production with expected growth in exports. UAE’s industry of diamonds and gemstones is well-known at a global level. Dubai Diamond Exchange (DDE) focuses in the trade of polished diamonds and other gemstones with an exponential growth in recent times. UAE has many upcoming projects in order to boost its cement production. The sulphur production of UAE is also expected to increase in the upcoming years. Being one of the largest producers of fossil fuels, UAE is working upon its natural gas industry to meet the demands of growing domestic market. The United Arab Emirates is scoring amongst the top countries in mining, minerals and fuel resources and it has provided a wide scope in mineral deals.
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