List of Mineral Companies in UAE

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Petroleum and natural gas are the major natural resources of UAE. Plenty of oil reserves were discovered and this led to the transformation of the country from a desert area to an advanced nation.

UAE adopted an open economic policy and the country’s economy is dependent mainly upon exports of fuel and mining products. The country’s exports mainly consist of fuel and mining products. This accounts for 30% and 31%, respectively, out of the total exports of the country.
UAE produces a wide range of minerals. The country is one of the top suppliers of aluminium foundry alloy, high-purity aluminium, and extrusion billet to more than 45 countries. It accounts for around 4 per cent of the world’s aluminium smelter production.

When it comes to metals, Dubai is one of the top suppliers in the world. The metals list includes, gold and aluminium. The country is also working on its steel production.

Dubai Diamond Exchange (DDE), a subsidiary of Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC), is a leading diamond trade centre in the world. DDE trades both rough and polished diamonds. It has seen an exponential growth in the recent times. The country is also aiming to boost its cement and sulphur production.

The United Arab Emirates is scoring amongst the top countries in mining, minerals and fuel resources and it has provided a wide scope in mineral deals.

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