Textile and Aparel Industry in UAE

UAE textile industry is the second largest industry after oil, providing huge employments and business opportunities in the sector. The cloth and textile industry of the country mainly deals in woven, knitted garment, fabrics, readymade cloth, home textile and technical textile. It exports textile products to more than 50 countries around Africa, the Middle East, South Asia and Europe. The industry plays a significant role in the growth of UAE’s economy contributing to employment generation, foreign exchange benefits and industrial output. The country also deals in other textile products like car seats, tents and curtains, etc. apart from clothes. The knitted fabric is the most demanded textile product of UAE. The leather is getting under the skin of UAE. Leather industry in UAE encompasses a wide range of leather products such as finished and semi-finished leather products, travel goods and accessories, handbags and footwear, etc. Abu Dhabi’s Al Khaznah Tannery is amongst the world’s most advanced leather producing facilities. Apart from camel leather, UAE produces snake leather, goat leather, shark leather, salmon leather and the new chicken leather. The UAE has been the biggest market for luxury watches of the Middle East and ranks 9th in the world. The increased standard of living in UAE has boosted the domestic trade of luxury watches. UAE is also becoming a global hub for big brands dealing in luxury watches as many of them are setting up their plants in the country. The jewellery industry of UAE is growing exponentially due to increasing domestic demand and its international trade. With a 6% growth recorded last year, the country is overcoming the problem of falling gold prices with the use of loyalty schemes, extended payment options, buyback guarantees and attractive offers like free gold coins on larger purchases. Thus, the scope for business in textile and apparels industry in UAE is getting wider attracting global markets.
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