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Provision of education in the UAE began shortly after the establishment of the federation with the inception of the first university in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates University. The UAE currently devotes approximately 25 percent of total federal government spending to education. The overall literacy rate is 90%.
It has become a key sector in UAE’s economy. UAE is witnessing increase in the demand for private schools to inculcate education as per the international standards. UAE is also experiencing increase in the demand for higher educational institutions as the UAE students might not want to go in foreign countries for further studies.
The Ministry of Education has adopted “Education 2020,” a series of five-year plans designed to introduce advanced education techniques, improve innovative skills, and focus more on the self-learning abilities of students. Through its ‘Teachers of the 21st Century’ and a two hundred million dirham share of this budget, the UAE hopes to train 10,000 public school teachers within the next five years, while also pursuing its scheduled goal of reaching 90% Emiratisation of its staff by 2020.
The education sector is also attracting the investors who are looking to finance the educational campaign of UAE. Therefore, the country is expecting immense demand for higher education institutions.
UAE population also includes a big number of non-UAE residents and this number is only rising. With this, the demand for schools with international curriculum is also on the rise.
The future development of science & technology, research & analysis, innovations, etc. is dependent upon education. E-learning and online education are also burgeoning the level of education in UAE. Lots of business opportunities are coming up for educational institutions and other such organisations.
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