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According to Paper Arabia, the UAE is among the highest paper consuming nations in the world. There is a humongous demand for paper in the country. In order to meet this demand, the domestic paper industries are involved on a large scale. Along with paper, paper products like tissues, paperboards and a lot more products are produced. The country’s paper industry also deals with Africa. The demand for paper in UAE has never gone low in spite of the rising presence of digital and social media.
The printing industry in UAE is witnessing rapid growth in recent times. When it comes to the production of books, newspapers, magazines, periodicals, banners and similar material, the print holds a concrete turnover. UAE have one of the best printing technology providing high quality publications. It is still working on making it more qualitative.
With a quest to develop literature and education in the country, UAE’s top publication industries are focusing on the opportunities and challenges with its evolving publishing landscape. The publishing industry of UAE takes pride in being progressive and forward thing. This publication sector has immense potential to transform into a sector of strategic relevance for the nation and also across the region.
The UAE government has initiated a national drive for encouragement in reading and an advanced level of education. This has driven the publication sector towards growth.
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