Ajman Moving ahead with huge business opportunities

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Ajman is the smallest one amongst the seven Emirates of UAE with an area of 26 sq. km. It was formed in 1775 when the Al Nuami Tribe migrated to the region and it was first recognised as an autonomous state in 1820. It is located in the northern area of UAE on the Arabian Gulf Coast. The Emirate features a significant port, sea-coast with beaches and the Hajjar mountain range along with a burgeoning economy.
Ajman economy is growing rapidly with the co-operation of other Emirates in various industrial sectors. The prominent economic sectors of Ajman are construction, real-estate and business services which witnessed rapid growth in recent times welcoming huge investments. Ajman also encompasses a burgeoning market for financial institutions.
The retail sector of Ajman is attracting the UAE markets due to an incredible growth rate of 6% per year. Ajman is a significant emirate for manufacturing and repairing services of heavy machinery, electronics and industrial equipment. The Ajman Port is amongst the significant harbours to regulate the trade of UAE and plays a vital role in improving the shipping sector.
The infrastructural development of Ajman has boosted the logistics and supply chain for trading goods and commodities across the region. As a result, the Emirate has developed major cities which have emerged as industrial hubs in the region- Ajman City, Al Manamah City and the Masfout City. The free economic zones of Ajman and the Ajman Port are the key-influencers of the emirate’s economic development.
Ajman is famous for its tourist attractions and major landmarks like the Ajman Museum, Masfout Castle, The Red Fort and the Masfout Gate. The sandy beaches, Hajjar mountain range and the natural valley of Ajman attracts large number of tourists.