Metal and Machinery Industries in UAE

United Arab emirates is a major hub in the metal industry sector producing large amount of steel. The multi-billion dollar scrap metal recycling industry of UAE has attracted global metal markets. UAE also refines large amount of non-iron based metals influencing its demand in both domestic and global markets as well. With sustainability in the metal industry, UAE is able to generate lots of business opportunities as the government is putting efforts in fast-paced infrastructural development and improvement in transportation and logistics. The manufacturing sector of UAE is jumping high due to advanced engineering and technology in machineries. When it comes to UAE’s non-oil trade, the manufacturing sector accounts for 80 percent of the nation’s GDP. Engineering and machinery based productions of UAE are aiming to transform the country from an oil-rich nation to an international manufacturing hub. Electrical machinery and equipment are produced in UAE on a large scale which comprises of the export trade as well. Due to the availability of low-cost energy, heavy industries are emphasised in UAE opening floodgates for various business opportunities in the machinery sector. UAE has experienced the entrance of new players in machinery and engineering as large number of new factories are been planted in recent times. Advanced technology and implementation of well-researched scientific ethics have driven the machinery and engineering sector of UAE. The engineering sector demands a lot of skilled manpower in UAE which has influenced lots of job opportunities. Also, various business to business services are consequently required in this industry which is leading to lots of business opportunities. Interconnected to the manufacturing sector, UAE’s metals, machinery and engineering industry is growing exponentially creating it a hub for business deals.
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