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With a rate of 15 percent year-on-year growth, UAE’s Information Technology sector is growing on a global level. This growth is allowing small-to-medium-sized IT companies to regain the kind of revenue raise it were getting before the global financial crisis happened in the sector. Including telecommunication services, UAE’s IT market bounced back from the recession phase and experienced strong growth in midrange-volume servers, disk storage and outsourcing services. As a result, significant commercial opportunities barged upon the IT sector in UAE for jobs growth. During 2016, the broadband market of UAE went on becoming the most advanced both domestically and internationally. This led to the high pricing in broadband services. The introduction to shared fixed network in UAE boosted competition to the market going forward. The government of UAE has been proactive in the digital media sector and has driven certain programmes to encourage internet usage. The development of e-commerce is spurred by UAE’s growing internet usage and its very own wealth factor. The UAE people are attracted towards e-commerce because of exclusive online purchases, secure payment modes and the speed of transaction as well. Due to the growing demand in entertainment, UAE’s digital world has transformed into a prime location for video-on-demand services. The rapid growth in UAE’s economy has led towards one of the most compelling industrial sector, Research and Development. According to the Global Innovation Index, UAE will be amongst top 20 countries in innovation by the year 2021. The R&D sector will be the first one to get benefits out of innovations. From latest smartphones to life-saving hospital equipment, UAE’s scientists and experts are attempting to seek exponential growth in the future. While the IT world of UAE is at its peak of development, digital industry is running at a faster pace with lots of business opportunities in R&D as well.
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