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According to Paper Arabia, United Arab Emirates ranks amongst the highest paper consuming nations. In order to fulfil the growing domestic demand of paper, the paper industries are evolving on a large scale throughout the country. UAE’s paper industry not just serves its sub-continent but also deals with Africa. With huge potential in the industry, other paper products like tissues, paperboards, etc. are also produced. Despite the increasing trend of online, digital and social media platforms in modern day life, the demand of paper has never gone low in UAE’s paper industry sector. The printing industry of UAE is facing rapid growth in recent times due to the growing infrastructure and affiliated developments. Print media industry of UAE holds a strong turnover when it comes to the production of books, periodicals, newspapers, magazines, large scale banners and other such print materials. Apart from a developed textile printing industry, UAE has managed to attain strong growth in paper printing industry as well. The specialised increase in UAE’s printing sector has experienced a tremendous progress by availing jobs and opportunities. UAE have one of the best printing technology providing high quality publications and it’s still working on making it more qualitative. With a quest to develop literature and education in the country, UAE’s top publication industries are focusing on the opportunities and challenges with its evolving publishing landscape. The publication industry of UAE has significant potential to transform into a sector of strategic relevance both domestically and across the region. The national drive for the betterment of reading skills and advanced level of education has driven the publication industry and it’s expected to grow exponentially in the future. The paper, print and publication industry of UAE is burgeoning with opening floodgates for lots of opportunities in print media and paper trade.
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