Transport and Logistic Industry in UAE

The United Arab Emirates has a well-developed transportation and logistics infrastructure as it’s the key basis for economic development and growth as well as diversification. In terms of quality and availability of transport system, UAE tops the list in the regional category while it stands tall at 11th rank in the world. The transport and logistics industry sector accounts about 7% of UAE’s GDP. The growth in the population has influenced demand for better transport services. This helps in reducing the traffic due to more efficiency in transport infrastructure. Also, the advancement of public transport has helped UAE in reducing the carbon footprint. Better infrastructure has created a convenient as well as safe environment for transport. Being one of the largest oil and gas producers in the world, UAE is implementing advance and innovative modes of transportation in the oil sector. UAE’s railway network mainly known as the Etihad Railway has established itself and it’s growing its network throughout the emirates. The expansion of airports for better transportation are one of the important measures that the government has taken for the development of aviation. The economic capital of UAE, Dubai has become the leading logistics hub between Europe and Asia. The supply chain of UAE is influenced by the rapid growth in manufacturing and retail sector. The domestic transportation of goods totally relies on the logistics infrastructure and thus, government is looking forward to make it better. The world sees UAE, especially Dubai as the leading sea-air multimodal transport hub because of its advanced infrastructure and regulated system. It acts as a cost-effective transport mode that helps the business organisations to save time where the geographical location of UAE plays a significant role.
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