Energy and Environment Development in UAE

The market for energy and environment in UAE is undergoing severe development as the level of consumption is getting high. In future, the nation will run dry from oil and gas and that’s why a strong focus is put on enhancing production capacity in order to maximise oil and gas reserves potential of the country. The fossil fuels reserves of UAE comprise almost 10% of the world’s oil reserves and the 6th largest gas reserves of the world. The country is witnessing an increased consumption of non-renewable energy resources within the Emirates only. Therefore, to decrease carbon footprint and substitute the nation’s dependency on hyrdocarbons, the government is planning to use solar and nuclear power. The government has taken many initiatives to lower fuel consumption, preserve natural resources, protect the environment and support the national economy for growing green energy sectors. Upcoming projects in UAE are focusing on using solar energy as a renewable resource. Masdar City and Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum Solar Park are the best example. One of the popular policy by UAE government is the Green Building Code. It has encouraged a large part of UAE to switch over green energy. The code aims to improve energy efficiency in buildings that are already built. As a result, it ensures the reduction in carbon dioxide emission and also inspires the new projects to follow the same. While the rapidly growing population of UAE are creating continuous demand for housing, such initiatives can change the energy consumption criteria on the basis of green buildings. Dubai has a vision to become a healthy city which follows the highest standards of sustainable development encouraging innovation and inspiring the other emirates. Such mission to protect the environment and reduce non-renewable energy consumption have influenced a wider range of opportunities for future growth of UAE.
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