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Reference : 0004836147

Classification: Inorganic chemicals NES


April 28, 2022

FMI ønsker at at anskaffe en homogen blanding af Calciumhypoklorit og Magnisiumoxid i et forhold 4:7. Antigaspudderet skal pakkes i en anordning med 100 gram i hver således at soldaten ved behov kan foretage en personlig rensning FMI har derfor behov for at identificere producenter og leverandører som kan levere et sådan produkt
Reference : 0004808067

Classification: Chemicals, by use, NES


April 14, 2022

Dear Customer I’m Rex, General Manager of Tai Wang Desiccant, nice to meet you. This is ellen from Tai Wang Desiccant ,nice te meet you. Our company is a dual-system certification enterprise of ISO9001:2015 & 14001:2015, specialising in the research and development and production of calcium chloride desiccants to protect your products from water vapour and moisture and mould.  According to the packaging of your products, we can provide targeted moisture-proof solutions. At present, our company has served many world-renowned enterprises such as State Grid of China, Guangzhou Metro, BP Chemical Industry, etc.  If your products need it in this regard, welcome to follow us.  We can provide the same excellent desiccant products, but the price can be about 15% lower than peers, to help you save costs. Website: Email: Global service hotline: +86 400 688 1696 Best regards, ellen


Reference : 0004779094

Classification: Investment and merchant banks


April 4, 2022

Lincoln International LLC company is an independent investment bank that provides a wide range of different financial services and goods to its customers. This company works with private companies, financial sponsors and lenders
Reference : 0004746275

Classification: Fair trade products (trade)


March 23, 2022

Haveting - møbler Hønsehuse - fuglehuse - andet miljøvenlige ting til husdyr og havens dyr
Reference : 0004724849

Classification: Support systems and products, metal


March 16, 2022

We are looking for a supplier to make six different stands in black steel. Subsequently they must be painted white.
Reference : 0004560020

Classification: Textile fibres, man-made


January 18, 2022

Søger liste over virksomheder; med kontakt navne; for følgende brancher: -tekstil bearbejdning -tekstil bearbejdnings maskiner -fødevarer og maskiner dertil -plast virksomheder i DK, -andre produktions virksomheder; -minimum 3 mio i omsætning men kan man købe abonnement til Kompass i 3 - 6 måneder ?

Classification: Racket sports equipment


December 21, 2021

Hello, I am considering opening an online webshop in Denmark with focus on primarily Tennis and Padel tennis balls. So I want to know if you can send me a catlogue or a guest login so i can view your prices on these items? My first order would be 1.000 (3-pack) padel ball cans, and 500 (3 or 4 pack ) tennis ball cans. The brands I am interested in are Babolat, Head, Dunlop Wilson and Nox. I haven't registered the company yet because I am still looking for a supplier. Med venlig hilsen, Jacob Thuesen Christensen

Classification: Fruit and vegetables, organic, processed and preserved


December 3, 2021

Hello, I am a global business executive of Denps in Denmark. Based on our sales performance in China, we are currently developing new snack items for kids such as jelly, powder drink, and milk powder to expand SKU and advance into Southeast Asia such as Vietnam/Singapore. So I am looking for a supplier for the processed fruit and vegetable in a powder shape to add it in our snack items. If the supplier can suggest various formulation for our product in specific health concept, that would be much helpful for us. Thank you for your help, and I look forward to your email.
Reference : 0004328511

Classification: General merchants


October 3, 2021

Små Varepartier til videresalg, eller direkte engros tilbud hvor der kan købes i små mængder
Reference : 0004269408

Classification: Watches


September 1, 2021

Upcoming virksomhed, som søger en leverandør, som kan levere ure i mindre partier af gangen, da kapital ikke er stor. Salgsværdien af urene skal gerne være omkring 500-1500, så ikke dyre designerure.
Reference : 0004224163

Classification: Online retailers/e-commerce


July 27, 2021

Søger efter leverandør af ståldøre og branddøre
Reference : 0004225167

Classification: Jewellery


July 26, 2021

Jeg leder efter en producent af øreringe i 925 sølv og guldbelagt sølv.
Reference : 0004217107

Classification: Cleaning machinery and equipment, oil and gas industry


July 21, 2021

We want to buy 4.5 Kg CO2 Type Fire Extinguisher for Government project. Full 100% payment in advance before shipment.
Reference : 0004094519

Classification: Jewellery


May 11, 2021

Grossist til dametøj, smykker og personlig pleje samt kunstige blomster
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